WebinarJam – A comprehensive guide to setting up a webinar

UPDATE 14.5.: An added chapter on microphones, hearing aids, and room acoustics.


I’ve been doing webinars for years.

I did four-hour webinars and very short ones that were over in 20 minutes.

I’ve done webinars where there were five of us, but I usually record them all by myself.

This manual is for everyone who wants to save time (money) and use the luxury platform WebinarJam.

WebinarJam is the best

I tried, left, tried, left… the WebinarJam, only to finally return to it for good in early 2019.

Yes, I’m not leaving it again.

It may seem expensive and paying a few hundred dollars a year for it is a lot, but I calculated that it is worth it.

Yes, I paid $479/year (about $40/month) for it, but your time is much more expensive!

Let’s do the math.

I used to spend 1.5 hours more with other tools setting up each webinar.

What you need to do in any webinar:

  • emails notifying that the webinar is coming (24 hours before and 15 minutes before)
  • email with record
  • setting up lists and linking with Activecampaign
  • setting up a landing page (squeeze page) for registration
  • pop-up window settings
  • setting the appearance of the broadcast room
  • testing emails and everything else
  • communication about inviting guests (special link to the broadcast room)

Now, the simple math…

… why webinarjam pays off

  • you pay 800 CZK/hour
  • plus, I spent an average of 90 minutes preparing
  • you do webinars on average twice a month
  • approx. 20 webinars/year * 2 * 800 = 32 thousand!

WebinarJam has definitely saved my money…

…and most importantly: I’m not stressed because it’s really challenging with other systems, and I have to focus on something else 🙂

WebinarJam can do it

Please read the terms and conditions of each system carefully. For example, I had a webinar in early 2020 with 4 speakers and over 1000 registered attendees (you can see the recording here: SEO: How I analyzed 1,000,000 search results).

Many webinar platforms won’t allow you to have that many people together, or you’ll have to pay a lot extra.

Webinarjam yes and much more.

Main advantages of WebinarJam

Here are the main advantages of Webinarjam for me:

  • up to 5.000 people online
  • up to 6 speakers
  • own broadcast room with online chat
    • sending a visible offer to everyone in the broadcast with a banner and a link
    • communication only with administrators, private (with one person) or all
    • playing pre-recorded video
    • pre-recorded slides with control and drawing into them
    • sending an online questionnaire within the broadcast (pleasant interaction)
  • online chat also runs within the recording
  • option to switch to everwebinar (please be careful with this, people are not stupid)
  • test rooms – a big plus!
  • duplication of webinars – a great time saver!
  • clear questions and answers
  • connection to Youtube
  • the webinar can be secured with a password

WebinarJam account settings

Before setting up a webinar, you need to set up your account.

Create an account HERE and get 14 days free.

First, of course, you set up the very basic information about yourself (first name, last name, etc.), and then we move on to GDPR:

  • Option to get a newsletter with everything (optional)
  • Consent to the processing of terms and conditions (mandatory)
  • Fill in the conditions you have worked out below

1 Webinař Jam GDPR

…then set up the connection to the email client.

In my case, it’s Activecampaign and API key settings:

2 Webinář Jam- api activecampaign

Step by step – webinar setup

Let’s do it! Step by step, we will set up the most important parts together.

Inserting a new webinar into the system

Simply click on the “Add Webinar” button and proceed to “Full configuration,” and select the correct “Schedule for later” type.

Basic settings

Here, we will set up what you want to broadcast, who will be the speaker, and connect WebinarJam with the YouTube channel.

Fill in the basic settings afterward:

  1. Name of the webinar – for you
  2. Webinar title
  3. Image for webinar (for sharing on social networks)
  4. Description of the webinar
  5. Webinar language
  6. If displayed on the portal for others

For example, something like this:

4 Webinář - basic settings

…then you set the speakers:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Email (this is important for sending access for other speakers to the test webinar and the link to the main webinar)
  3. Photo – important! It will be shown to people in the broadcast room
  4. If it’s a speaker or a host
    1. The speaker can be both visible in the online broadcast and has access to the control center
    2. The host manages only the control center (questions, offers, questionnaires, etc.)

Fill in if you are somehow like this:

5 Webinář Jam - prezenters

The last part is the possibility to connect to a Youtube channel. I have it, but you don’t have to!

Webinarjam has its own broadcasting system.

If you want to set up YouTube and do it for the first time, here you find detailed instructions on what you need to set up in your YouTube channel.

Then, you can simply set it up as follows.

First, click on the connection in WebinarJam:

Then, by logging in with Google, you can access your YouTube channels and choose the right one:

7 Webiář Jam - connection on youtube

and confirm that you approve WebinarJam’s access to your YouTube account and channel:

8 Webinář Jam - youtube confirmation

and you’re done:

9 Webinář Jam - youtube connected

Setting the date

You have three options. It’s all about what kind of webinar you are planning:

  1. One webinar – e.g., 13 May from 1:00pm
  2. More webinars on the same topic – e.g., 13 May at 1:00 pm, 16 May at 2:30 pm, and 1 June at 6:00 pm
  3. More series – e.g., every Wednesday from 1:00 pm

Enter the relevant date below the option.

Preview of the first case setup for 5/13 at 1:00 pm:

10 Webiář Jam - schedule


In this third part, we will gradually set up:

  • Registration page graphic (you don’t have to deal with it if you link WebinarJam with WordPress and thrive Leads plugin)
  • Form graphics (the same as the previous point – you can solve the graphics directly in WordPress)
  • Which fields to select
  • Option to view auto-registration for other webinars
  • Whether it’s a free or paid webinar
  • If you want to secure the webinar with a password

Graphics first. I recommend it as simple as possible! I have very good results with the first pre-prepared.

In this graphic, you can change and set predefined fields.

11 Webinář Jam - editor

Note: Actually, I use my own graphics and a better editor in WordPress, and I send registered users through the connection directly to WebinarJam for the respective webinar date… see my registration page.

…then we set the form graphics – I personally use WordPress Forms in Thrive Leads plugin.

…then I leave only name and email (Attention! The name is mandatory and cannot be changed):

12 Webinář Jam - registration form fields

Note: I have also tried inserting a phone and connecting to the SMS gateway from Webinarjam, but I don’t recommend it for Czech projects! It’s not so much about the money for mailing (see Twilio for the Czech Republic) but the distrust of people.

Another thing is auto-registration.

Pretty nifty thing… if the registrant agrees and checks this option, you can then sign all these people up for the next webinar with just one click in the webinar settings.

13 Webinar Jam - autosubscription to future webinars

in the form, it looks like this, and I personally have about 260 🙂

14 Webinar Jam - form and automatic registration

and then this is where you get people to the webinar:

15 Webinarjam - autoregistration

and we’re on to the last two parts:

Personally, I don’t set up anything other than a free webinar, but if you want to sell via PayPal, check out the settings here.

When I sold webinars last year (4 x 4 hours of online marketing), I first sold through a popular SimpleShop. I then sent them a link to a ready-made direct entry to the webinar because of the different payment types for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Regarding password entry, you can also use a password for each registrant separately:

16 webinar Jam - password

that’s it for this part, and we’re moving on to the next setup…

Messages to registrants

Both email and text notifications are set here.

If you are proficient in tools like Activecampaign and have a plan that allows it, you can alert website visitors through personalized messages. But this is more challenging and if you’re interested, contact me.

As standard, you can choose from 3 options:

  1. WebinarJam mail – custom email distribution, but it’s a problem because it tries to send through unverified email (if you have Gmail, it’s ok because it replaces it with its own)
  2. Setting up your own SMTP server – unfortunately, a bit of a problem as you only have 4 choices
    17 Webinar Jam - integrations
  3. Insert custom fields into your email tool. The way it works is that each user is assigned a special field and Webinarjam inserts personalized content into it. But then you have to set up autoresponders for each webinar, which just defeats the purpose. Find here more about the connection.

Then just change the text of the emails that go to registrants.

Of course, you can count on additional texts that change according to the title of the webinar, etc.

I recommend making this as general as possible so that you don’t have to do this for future webinars.

18 webinar Jam - notification email settings

and one of the emails looks like this:

19 Webinar Jam - email editation

Note: If you want to set up SMS as well, you’ll need to set up a connection to Twilio first:

20 Webinar Jam - twilio


Note: If you want to do it cheaper, use Integromat and connection to NeoGate or other services…and if you need, contact me.

Connection with other systems

In this part, we will connect email tools and various marketing systems (pixels).

First, my favorite Activecampaign with a choice of which list registered users will “fall into”:

21 Webinar Jam - connect activecampaign

and this means that if someone new registers, they will get into the “TEMP: Webinar on Webinar” list.

We just set up pixels for all systems like Facebook, Google Ads, Sklik, etc., for example, for remarketing.

You set it up in a total of 4 different windows:

  • Registration page
  • Registration form (after clicking on the button on the registration page, it will be loaded into the iframe)
  • Thank you page
  • The broadcast itself
  • Webinar recording

I personally use Google Tag Manager so that I don’t have to copy individual pixels again.

For example, it looks like this for me:

22 Webinar Jam - integration

Setting up a thank you page

First, we set the poll display option and then the page graphics.

You can set up questions and ask registered users directly about interesting things on the thank you page.

I personally don’t set this, but I ask directly LIVE when broadcasting (see below).

So, I’ll move on to setting up the thank you page graphics.

It is the same as in the registration page editor:

23 Webinar Jam - session setings

Broadcast room setup (LIVE)

Here, you can set:

  • Page graphics for people while waiting for the broadcast
  • Broadcast room graphics
  • Polls and quizzes
  • Product offers
  • Videos you can stream online
  • Files
  • Presentation

The first-page setup is the same as the thank you page or registration page. I don’t think I need to explain that here.

I always have the default broadcast room settings.

I’m definitely setting the polls. It helps my guests or me:

  1. Better adapt my presentation (e.g., “Are you familiar with Notifikuj.cz?” at the beginning of the webinar)
  2. Ask how they liked it (e.g., “Did you learn anything useful?” at the end of the webinar)

Here you can see both questions in the webinar about Notifikuj.cz (here, by the way, you will find the record).

24 Webinar Jam - polls and quizes settings

and here are the questions I ask in my webinars:

25 Webinar Jam - polls or quizes settings

Note: I don’t really like the fact that this data is not stored anywhere in Webinarjam 🙁

…now, we’re going to set up an important thing: A product offer.

Here you set:

  • Offer name (for you only)
  • Title of the offer
  • Image (banner)
  • Text above the button
  • Text in the button
  • Button link (don’t forget the UTM parameters!)

Special tweaks with pressure to buy:

  • Broadcast sales in real-time” – thanks to the conversion code you set, the webinarjam system knows who has just bought and displays the information to others to encourage them to buy
  • Apply scarcity in your offer” – the maximum number of sales that will decrease with each purchase
  • Apply urgency in your offer” – pressure on the time by which the offer is available

Actually, the pressure seems too much for me… perhaps for the reason that I’m not the only one thinking about it.

…but even without these tweaks, it sells well through webinarjam 🙂

Here is a sample of the notifikuj.cz registration setup that took place in April:

26 Webinar Jam - product offer

…you can also set:

  • Video – you can insert videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and your own MP4 – more here
  • File – I haven’t used it yet
  • Presentation – I personally upload PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), but you can also upload PDF and KeyNote. It is necessary to consider that the animations disappear, and that the PDF doesn’t show the full-width presentation. Control is then simple straight from the broadcast room, and your camera minimizes to the bottom as follows:

27 webinar Jam - live prezentation

Webinar recording settings

I personally post the footage later manually as I add material we come across during the online broadcast.

You can set up the webinar recording page in a step-by-step manner:

  • Whether or not there will be a record at all

28 Webinar Jam - recording webinar

  • How the record will look like (can be changed later)
    • Link to the same broadcast room with the chat recording… the disadvantage is the inability to skip
    • Video only (MP4, Vimeo, Youtube) – e.g., if you want to edit the video and don’t mind not seeing the online chat recording
    • Redirect to a completely different location
  • The record will be kept until a certain time or forever

29 webinar Jam - record expiration date settings

  • Allow people who see the alert to ask questions (you’ll get an automatic email)

30 Webinar Jam - submit questions setting

Note: The recording doesn’t look like an online broadcast. It’s marked everywhere.


What is available to you before the webinar

In this section, we’ll describe what’s available to you before the webinar begins:

  1. You can automatically register people who have signed up for this in the future. You can find it under “Your Links”:




  1. You have a link to the registration page, or you can embed the registration on your website (I recommend using other options for better graphics – e.g., the WordPress mentioned above and Thrive Leads + Thrive Architect plugins)



  1. You can access the test webinar via the “Run Test” button
  1. You can test your way into a room that is for testing purposes only + a control center to navigate better the questions and answers (ideally, someone else will be in the background)




  1. You can send the link to the test webinar to other presenters




  1. You have a link directly to the live webinar




  1. For already registered users, you have the option to set up a one-click registration. Just fill in their name and email (Attention! The name is mandatory, and if your system doesn’t add it, users will get an error message 🙁)




What is available to you after the webinar

If the webinar has already taken place, that’s not all… you need to take care of delivering the recording and possibly making it fit nicely into your marketing mix (aren’t more people interested in the recording? Isn’t this a good magnet for getting email into the database?)

You will find these things useful:

  • A working link to the recording (if you have it enabled in your settings), or you can download the video




You can download the online chat log file in text form (when, who, and what was typed into the chat). It is a CSV file:




  • If you have entered a poll on the thank you page, you will see the results

What’s extra cool is the duplication of the webinars themselves.

If you do it smartly, you have minimal setup and a new webinar in basically no time.

Make the duplicate here:




At the speed of sound

What microphone and headphones

Opinions vary widely.

I personally use a Yeti Blue microphone.

A few days ago, a friend had a similar question in a Facebook post about online training.

Of course, everyone has a different opinion about headphones and microphones.

You can see the individual comments here:




Actually, it went like this:


Room acoustics

Martin sent me his experience based on a webinar I hosted:

When it comes to room acoustics, I need to decide what I want to solve.

  1. a) soundproofing… i.e., I want to reduce the noise from outside or the noise that goes outside
  2. b) improving room acoustics… reducing echo, reverberation, and standing waves

Heavy materials work for soundproofing, and it’s generally very challenging. For example, in a flat in a block of flats, you probably can’t do much.

I dealt with the acoustics of the room, especially the reduction of echo and reverberation. The echo spoils the sound the most, it’s annoying, and there’s no way to remove it from the sound.

How to improve acoustics

  1. a) reduce echo and reverberation … acoustic panels work for this; here is a link to specific panels I have personally installed at home. I have 6 of them in my office, and it’s totally awesome; the echo is gone https://www.techhouse.cz/Mega-Acoustic-FiberPRO120-Binary-Bean-d7835.htm 
  2. b) avoid standing waves… that’s what diffusers are for, they break up the sound, and it bounces in many directions, it’s important for listening to music faithfully, and if you’re only dealing with acoustics for online meetings, podcasts, and webinars, you don’t need to deal with it at all


How to improve sound quality cheaply

Use a good-quality directional microphone and put it as close to your mouth as possible. Talk to it up close. That way, you won’t have to amplify the sound as much, and the echo won’t be nearly audible even if it’s in the room. I use this microphone, and I’m thrilled. It’s a similar type and quality of microphone that Daniel showed in the webinar https://www.muziker.cz/audio-technica-at2020usb

If you have space on the desk and want to improve the sound cheaply, avoid echo and catch reflections in the microphone, just put this acoustic wall/cover behind the microphone. It’s much cheaper than dealing with the acoustics of the whole room https://www.muziker.cz/lewitz-vb-80

So, enjoy. I’d be happy to advise you in person. You can find me at www.lamael.cz 🙂




If you want to learn more about strategy, get data from one of my client’s case studies, register for Marketing Coffee ☕ on how to do a simple webinar (13 May at 1:00 pm). The recording will, of course, be available.

Register WebinarJam for 14 days for FREE

…what about you? Do you do webinars? Write in the comments if you found this manual helpful!


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