SDT – transfer danych po stronie serwera

SDT – Server-side Data Transfer

SDT is a method of transferring data between a client and a server, where the server is responsible for processing and sending the data to the client. This is in contrast to client-side data transfer, where the client is responsible for handling the data processing.

One common example of SDT is when a user submits a form on a website. The data entered into the form is sent to the server, where it is processed and stored in a database. The server then sends a response back to the client confirming that the data has been successfully received.

SDT is often used in web applications to handle complex data processing tasks, such as generating reports, managing user accounts, or processing payments. By offloading these tasks to the server, it can help improve the performance and security of the application.

Examples of SDT:

  • Sending form data to a server
  • Retrieving user information from a database
  • Processing payment transactions

SDT is an important concept in web development, as it allows for efficient and secure data transfer between clients and servers.

For more information, you can visit the Wikipedia page on Server-side Scripting.