Fraudă prin clic

Click Fraud

Click fraud is a type of online fraud where individuals or automated programs click on pay-per-click advertisements with the intention of generating revenue without any interest in the ad content. This fraudulent activity can result in advertisers paying for clicks that are not genuine, leading to financial losses and inaccurate data for online marketing campaigns.

One common example of click fraud is when competitors or malicious individuals repeatedly click on an ad to deplete the advertiser’s budget and diminish the effectiveness of their campaign. Another example is when click farms are used to generate large numbers of fake clicks on ads, leading to inflated click-through rates and wasted advertising budgets.

Advertisers can combat click fraud by monitoring their ad campaigns closely, using click fraud detection tools, and working with reputable ad networks that have measures in place to prevent fraudulent clicks. By taking proactive steps to protect their advertising investments, businesses can minimize the impact of click fraud on their online marketing efforts.