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Cash before delivery

Cash before delivery (CBD) is a payment method in which the buyer sends payment to the seller before receiving the goods or services. This method is commonly used in e-commerce transactions where the seller requires payment upfront to ensure they will be compensated for their products or services.

One example of CBD is when a customer purchases an item online and pays for it using their credit card. The seller will not ship the item until they have received confirmation of payment from the credit card company.

Another example is when a customer orders food delivery and pays for it in cash before the delivery driver hands over the food.

It is important for buyers to only use CBD with reputable sellers to avoid potential scams or fraud. Sellers should also be cautious when using this payment method to ensure they will not be taken advantage of.

Overall, CBD can be a convenient and secure way to complete transactions, but it is important for both parties to be aware of the risks involved.

Benefits of Cash before delivery:

  • Ensures sellers receive payment upfront
  • Reduces the risk of non-payment
  • Can be a convenient payment method for buyers

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