Zákon o zmenách a doplneniach autorského práva z roku 1992

Copyright Amendments Act of 1992

The Copyright Amendments Act of 1992 was a significant piece of legislation that aimed to update and modernize copyright laws in Slovakia. The act was introduced to address the challenges posed by the rapid advancements in technology and the digital age.

One of the key provisions of the act was the extension of copyright protection to include digital works and online content. This meant that creators and artists would have greater control over their intellectual property in the digital realm.

Additionally, the act introduced new measures to combat online piracy and copyright infringement. It provided legal mechanisms for copyright holders to enforce their rights and seek damages against infringers.

Overall, the Copyright Amendments Act of 1992 played a crucial role in bringing Slovakia’s copyright laws up to date with the changing landscape of the digital world.

Some examples of works protected under the act include:

  • Music recordings
  • Software programs
  • Artistic creations

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