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Real options

Real options is a concept used in finance to describe the flexibility of a business to make decisions based on the outcomes of certain events. This concept allows businesses to take advantage of opportunities that arise during the life of a project or investment, rather than being locked into a single course of action.

There are several types of real options that businesses can use, including the option to expand, the option to abandon, and the option to delay. These options give businesses the ability to react to changing market conditions and make decisions that can increase profitability.

For example, a company may have the option to expand its production capacity if demand for its products increases. By having this real option, the company can take advantage of the opportunity for growth without having to commit to expanding before knowing if the demand will actually materialize.

Real options are an important tool for businesses to use in strategic decision-making, as they allow for more flexibility and adaptability in a rapidly changing business environment.

  • Option to expand: A company has the option to increase production capacity if demand for its products rises.
  • Option to abandon: A company can choose to abandon a project if it is not performing as expected, rather than continuing to invest in a failing venture.
  • Option to delay: A company can delay making a decision on a project until more information is available, reducing the risk of making a premature decision.

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