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Point-of-sale display

Point-of-sale displays, also known as POS displays, are marketing materials or advertising materials that are placed near the checkout area in retail stores. These displays are designed to attract the attention of customers and encourage impulse purchases.

POS displays can take many forms, including countertop displays, floor stands, and end cap displays. They are often used to showcase new products, promote special offers, or highlight seasonal items.

One example of a POS display is a cardboard standee featuring a new fragrance at a beauty store. The standee is placed near the cash register to catch the eye of customers as they check out, prompting them to try the fragrance and potentially make a purchase.

Another example is a floor stand display featuring snacks and drinks at a convenience store. This display is strategically placed near the entrance to tempt customers to grab a snack on their way out.

Overall, POS displays are an effective way for retailers to increase sales and drive customer engagement at the point of purchase.

Examples of POS displays:

  • Countertop displays
  • Floor stands
  • End cap displays

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