Polite file load

Polite File Load

Polite file loading is a method of loading content asynchronously and in the background, reducing page loading time. This is important for good user experience and page performance.

When a page is loaded, the browser requests files from the server. These files can include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images. If the browser needs to wait for the server to respond to each request, the page loading time will be slower.

With polite file loading, the browser can start loading the files as soon as it receives an initial response from the server. This way, it doesn’t need to wait for all the requests to be completed before starting to render the page. This reduces page loading time and gives the user a better experience.

Here are some examples of polite file loading:

  • Lazy loading – This is a method of loading images only when they are visible in the viewport. This way, the browser only needs to request the images that the user can see, reducing the number of requests and improving page loading time.

  • Prefetching – This is a method of pre-loading resources before they are needed. The browser can request the files once the page is loaded and cache them for future use. This reduces page loading time for subsequent visits.

  • Asynchronous loading – This is a method of loading JavaScript files asynchronously, so that the browser does not need to wait for the files to be loaded before rendering the page.

Polite file loading is an important part of creating a good user experience and improving page performance. By reducing page loading time, users can get to their content faster and have a better experience.

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