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Sixt: Petr Kosmak

Ing. Petr Kosmak,
business manager Sixt

His added value was the ability to think beyond the context of the assignment. He always came up with the idea of how to improve our position.

Museum of Communism: Jana Cepickova

Jana Cepickova, 
director and owner Museum of Communism

Daniel is amazingly helpful and reliable. Everybody will explain everything in detail and very carefully, like me I recommend!

Toulec Architect

Ing. arch. Vladislav Toulec, CKA
architekt and owner

I like Dan's passion for honest looking for the right solution and his ability to look at problems from unusual angles. He always helped well.

FitPrague: Ales Vitek

Ales Vitek, 
owner FitPrague

We have been working with Dan for a long time and I am very happy with him. I was also surprised by the possibility of a weekend consultation. I recommend!

Karolina Pechova

Karolina Pechova, 
owner and creative

Dan has shown his ability to quickly navigate ourselves in our issues and lead the discussion with logical considerations that clearly demonstrated his rich experience and perfect orientation in the field.

Jan Zizka

Ing. Mgr. Jan Zizka, 
author of travel books

Daniel Nytra is undoubtedly an excellent expert. He gave us a great website. I recommend his professional services.


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