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Marketing Terms

  • Competitive environment

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Competitive Environment The modern business world is a highly … Read More

  • Basing-point pricing

    What is Basing-Point Pricing? Basing-point pricing, also referred to as zone pricing or freight absorption … Read More

  • Standard Ad Units

    What are Standard Ad Units? Standard Ad Units are pre-defined set of sizes used for … Read More

  • Arbitrage pricing theory

    Understanding Arbitrage Pricing Theory Arbitrage pricing theory (APT) is a theory of asset pricing that … Read More

  • Unique selling proposition

    What Is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? A unique selling proposition (USP) is a statement … Read More

  • Demand density

    What is Demand Density? Demand density is a measure of how much demand is generated … Read More

  • Copyright

    What is Copyright? Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection that gives creators the … Read More

  • Landing Page

    What is a Landing Page? A landing page is a web page that serves as … Read More

  • Perceived value for money

    What is perceived value for money? Perceived value for money is a concept that measures … Read More

  • Referral approach

    What is a Referral Approach? A referral approach is a marketing strategy used to increase … Read More

  • Broadcast television

    What is Broadcast Television? Broadcast television is a type of television programming that is transmitted … Read More

  • Tracking Pixel

    What is a Tracking Pixel? A tracking pixel is a tiny, invisible image file used … Read More