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    Online project checklist [289 points to check]

    I decided to gradually add to the checklist of things that are good to check once in a while. It’s like doing an audit once a year. I do it when I start working with new clients. It gives the client a lot of information, and I can set a meaningful strategy. It’s a simplified … Read More

  • mailchimp

    MailChimp – The Big Guide

    MailChimp is an online tool where you can do much more than just send emails. You can create simple web pages, basic questionnaires, and even remarketing Google and Facebook campaigns to your audience in the paid version. The tool is very clear and simple. If you want to look at it, you can use the … Read More

  • MailerLite

    MailerLite – The Big Guide

    MailerLite is an inexpensive email tool with a sophisticated free version that gives you all the essential basic features you need. With this free version, you can send emails, create landing pages, create a website, pop-ups, and forms, or create automated sequences. Working with this tool is very simple and clear. Pros and cons Pros: … Read More

Marketing Terms

  • Competitive environment

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Competitive Environment The modern business world is a highly competitive environment. Companies compete for customers, markets, and resources. As a result, businesses are constantly seeking to gain an advantage over their competitors. While a competitive environment can create opportunities for growth and success, it also carries risks. Advantages of … Read More

  • Basing-point pricing

    What is Basing-Point Pricing? Basing-point pricing, also referred to as zone pricing or freight absorption pricing, is a pricing method where the seller adds a freight charge to the cost of the product. This charge is typically based on the distance between the buyer and the seller’s base point, or the point from which the … Read More

  • Standard Ad Units

    What are Standard Ad Units? Standard Ad Units are pre-defined set of sizes used for displaying digital ads. They are designed to provide a consistent user experience across webpages and mobile devices, and are a cost-effective way to reach target audiences. This article will explain what Standard Ad Units are, their advantages, and provide examples … Read More

  • Arbitrage pricing theory

    Understanding Arbitrage Pricing Theory Arbitrage pricing theory (APT) is a theory of asset pricing that states the expected return of an asset can be modeled as a linear function of various macro-economic factors or theoretical market indices, where sensitivity to changes in each factor is represented by a factor-specific beta coefficient. This theory was developed … Read More

  • Unique selling proposition

    What Is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? A unique selling proposition (USP) is a statement that defines a company’s competitive edge and communicates its core value to customers. It is a key element of a company’s marketing strategy and is used to differentiate it from its competitors. By clearly articulating what makes its product or … Read More

  • Demand density

    What is Demand Density? Demand density is a measure of how much demand is generated by a given population of potential customers. It is used to measure the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts, and to gauge overall market potential. Demand density is typically expressed as a ratio, with the numerator representing the total number … Read More

  • Copyright

    What is Copyright? Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection that gives creators the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute their works. It is a law that safeguards the creator’s and publisher’s rights, granting them the exclusive right to use and profit from their work. Types of Copyright Copyright law applies to a variety … Read More

  • Landing Page

    What is a Landing Page? A landing page is a web page that serves as a destination for visitors to a website. It is usually the first page a user sees when they visit a website and is designed to encourage further action by the visitor. Landing pages are used to convert visitors into leads … Read More

  • Perceived value for money

    What is perceived value for money? Perceived value for money is a concept that measures customer satisfaction with the cost and quality of a product or service. It is the customer’s subjective assessment of how much value they feel they receive for the money they spend. The concept has become increasingly important in the marketing … Read More

  • Referral approach

    What is a Referral Approach? A referral approach is a marketing strategy used to increase brand awareness and sales. It involves recruiting customers to become brand advocates to share their experience of a product or service with their friends, family and colleagues. It is a form of word-of-mouth marketing that relies on these advocates to … Read More

  • Broadcast television

    What is Broadcast Television? Broadcast television is a type of television programming that is transmitted over the airwaves or via cable, satellite, or telephone lines. Broadcast television is usually free to view, unlike subscription-based services such as Netflix or Hulu. It is typically offered by local television stations, either over-the-air or through cable and satellite … Read More

  • Tracking Pixel

    What is a Tracking Pixel? A tracking pixel is a tiny, invisible image file used to track data and monitor user interactions with a website. It is also referred to as a web bug, tracking bug, pixel tag, 1×1 gif, or clear gif. Tracking pixels are used to monitor user behavior and measure the effectiveness … Read More