WebinarJam – A comprehensive guide to setting up a webinar

UPDATE 14.5.: An added chapter on microphones, hearing aids, and room acoustics. ======================== I’ve been doing webinars for years. I did four-hour webinars and very short ones that were over in 20 minutes. I’ve done webinars where there were five of us, but I usually record them all by myself. This manual is for everyone who … Read More


Online project checklist [289 points to check]

I decided to gradually add to the checklist of things that are good to check once in a while. It’s like doing an audit once a year. I do it when I start working with new clients. It gives the client a lot of information, and I can set a meaningful strategy. It’s a simplified … Read More


MailChimp – The Big Guide

MailChimp is an online tool where you can do much more than just send emails. You can create simple web pages, basic questionnaires, and even remarketing Google and Facebook campaigns to your audience in the paid version. The tool is very clear and simple. If you want to look at it, you can use the … Read More


MailerLite – The Big Guide

MailerLite is an inexpensive email tool with a sophisticated free version that gives you all the essential basic features you need. With this free version, you can send emails, create landing pages, create a website, pop-ups, and forms, or create automated sequences. Working with this tool is very simple and clear. Pros and cons Pros: … Read More


ActiveCampaign – The Big Guide

ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive tool designed primarily for experts. However, there is a wealth of features and the possibility to connect them to other tools. There are so many options that it is perhaps easier to list what the tool cannot do. This could perhaps be just the declination of verbs or nouns. The instrument … Read More