Rack jobber

What is a Rack Jobber?

A rack jobber, also known as a rack merchandiser or a route jobber, is a company that provides merchandise to retail stores. These companies provide products to stores on a contractual basis, usually in the form of a rack, stand or display. The rack jobber is responsible for managing, stocking, rotating and restocking of products in the store.

Benefits of Working with Rack Jobbers

Rack jobbers can provide excellent service and access to products for retail stores. Here are some of the key benefits of working with a rack jobber:

  • Cost savings: Rack jobbers can offer significant savings to stores in terms of cost of goods and labor.
  • Flexibility: Rack jobbers can tailor their service to the store’s needs, offering different levels of service, product selection and pricing.
  • Expertise: Rack jobbers can offer expert advice and support on product selection, display and merchandising.
  • Access to new products: Rack jobbers can provide access to new and innovative products that may not be available through traditional suppliers.

Examples of Rack Jobbers

There are many companies that offer rack jobbing services. Here are a few examples:

  • U-Haul – U-Haul offers a variety of rack jobbing services from stocking and setting up displays to restocking and maintaining existing displays.
  • GoPuff – GoPuff provides a full-service jobbing service for convenience stores, offering everything from product selection to stocking and restocking.
  • Rackspace – Rackspace provides a range of jobbing options, from stocking and stocking to merchandising and restocking.


Rack jobbing can be an excellent way for retail stores to get access to new products, cost savings and expert advice. There are many companies that offer rack jobbing services, each with their own unique benefits and services. For more information on rack jobbing, visit The Balance Small Business, Inc. or Rackspace.