What is a Raincheck?

A raincheck is a type of coupon or voucher that allows a customer to purchase an item at a discounted price at a later date. This type of coupon is typically used when a product is out of stock or unavailable for some other reason. Rainchecks are also commonly used in the entertainment industry, such as for sports games, concerts, and theater performances.

How Does a Raincheck Work?

When a customer requests a raincheck, the merchant will issue a coupon or voucher that can be used at a later date when the product is available. The coupon usually states the product, the discounted price, and the expiration date. The customer may then redeem the coupon and purchase the item at the discounted price.

Benefits of Rainchecks

Rainchecks offer a variety of benefits for both customers and merchants. Some of the benefits include:

  • For customers, it allows them to purchase items at a discounted price when the item is out of stock.
  • For merchants, it encourages customers to come back to purchase the item when it is available, instead of going to a competitor.
  • It also helps merchants manage inventory better, as they can track which items are in high demand and adjust their stock accordingly.

Drawbacks of Rainchecks

Although rainchecks offer many benefits, there are some drawbacks. For example, it can be difficult to track and manage rainchecks, and merchants may risk losing out on potential sales if they are unable to keep up with demand. Additionally, customers may forget to redeem the coupon before the expiration date, resulting in lost revenue for the merchant.


Rainchecks are a great way for merchants to offer discounts and encourage customers to come back and purchase items when they are available. However, there are some drawbacks to this type of coupon, and merchants should be aware of these before issuing rainchecks.