Under Delivery

What is Under Delivery?

Under delivery, also known as short delivery or short shipment, occurs when a customer purchases a certain amount of goods, but receives less than the quantity ordered. This can be a result of a variety of causes, such as miscommunication between the supplier and customer, a mistake in the order, or a shipment being lost in transit. Whatever the cause, under delivery is a serious issue that can have serious consequences for both the customer and the supplier.

Effects of Under Delivery

Under delivery can have a variety of effects on both the customer and the supplier. For the customer, it can result in significant financial losses if the shortage affects their ability to meet customer demand. It can also lead to customer dissatisfaction and potential lost business in the future. For suppliers, under delivery can lead to a loss of trust from customers and potential legal repercussions if the customer perceives the shortage to be the result of negligence or incompetence.

Steps to Prevent Under Delivery

There are a few steps that both customers and suppliers can take to help prevent under delivery.

  • The supplier should ensure that their records accurately reflect the amount of goods ordered by the customer.
  • Both the customer and supplier should double check the order to make sure that the correct quantity is being shipped.
  • The supplier should use a reliable shipping company that can track and trace the shipment.
  • The customer should inspect the shipment upon arrival to make sure that the full quantity has been received.

By taking these steps, customers and suppliers can help reduce the chances of under delivery and the problems that it can cause.


Under delivery is a serious issue that can have significant consequences for both customers and suppliers. By taking the necessary steps to prevent it, customers and suppliers can help ensure that the correct quantity of goods is shipped and received. Relevant Links: