Cross-functional team with CIR orientation

What is a Cross-Functional Team with CIR Orientation?

A cross-functional team with CIR orientation is a group of people from different functions, departments, and/or organizations that work together to achieve common goals. The CIR orientation, or Collaborative Integrated Responsibility, is a new approach to problem-solving that focuses on the collective intelligence of the team. This type of team is characterized by members who are willing to take ownership of their tasks and collaborate to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Benefits of a Cross-Functional Team with CIR Orientation

A team with CIR orientation brings a number of benefits to an organization. These include:

  • Improved collaboration and communication between different departments and functions
  • A greater understanding of the whole business, rather than just individual tasks
  • Increased innovation and creative solutions to problems
  • The ability to make decisions more quickly and efficiently
  • A greater focus on customer-centered solutions

Examples of Cross-Functional Teams with CIR Orientation

Cross-functional teams with CIR orientation can be found in a variety of industries and organizations. Here are some examples:

  • At a retail store, a cross-functional team of managers, customer service representatives, and IT professionals might be assembled to create a new customer loyalty program.
  • At an advertising agency, a cross-functional team of creatives, account managers, and strategists might be assembled to develop a new campaign.
  • At a manufacturing plant, a cross-functional team of engineers, production workers, and supply chain professionals might be assembled to create a new process.


Cross-functional teams with CIR orientation are an effective way to solve complex problems and achieve superior results. They bring together individuals from different departments, functions, and organizations to work together in a collaborative, customer-centric way. For more information about CIR orientation and cross-functional teams, check out the following resources: