Gray Thursday

What is Gray Thursday?

Gray Thursday, also known as Black Thursday, is a shopping day in the USA which falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It generally takes place on the Thursday before Thanksgiving and is a day when stores offer special discounts and promotional deals. It is seen as a way for stores to attract shoppers who are looking for early holiday shopping deals.

History of Gray Thursday

The term Gray Thursday was first coined in 2014 when stores began offering pre-Black Friday deals on the Thursday before Thanksgiving. In the past, shoppers had to wait until the Friday after Thanksgiving to get the best Black Friday deals, but with the introduction of Gray Thursday, they now have a chance to get a jump start on their holiday shopping.

Benefits of Gray Thursday

Gray Thursday has become increasingly popular with shoppers, as it offers a number of advantages over Black Friday. Here are some of the benefits of shopping on Gray Thursday:
  • Shoppers can get early access to the best Black Friday deals.
  • Stores can offer more competitive prices as they don’t have to compete with other stores on Black Friday.
  • Shoppers can avoid the large crowds and long lines associated with Black Friday shopping.
  • It is an opportunity for stores to attract new customers.


Gray Thursday is a great way for shoppers to get a head start on their holiday shopping, as they can take advantage of special discounts and promotional deals that may not be available on Black Friday. It is also a great opportunity for stores to attract new customers and offer more competitive prices. For more information, check out the following links: