What is IFA/IDFA?

IFA/IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers/Identifier for Vendors) is a unique user advertising identifier used by Apple to identify user data for various purposes. It is used to track customer behavior, deliver targeted ads, and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

How Does IFA/IDFA Work?

IFA/IDFA works by providing each user with a unique identifier. When a user clicks on an advertisement, the user’s IDFA is sent to the advertiser, allowing them to track the user’s behavior and deliver targeted ads. This identifier is stored in the device’s operating system, making it possible to send targeted ads to the user across multiple apps and websites.

Benefits of IFA/IDFA

There are several benefits of using IFA/IDFA, including:

  • More Accurate Tracking: IFA/IDFA offers more accurate tracking than other methods, giving advertisers and vendors better insights into user behavior.
  • More Targeted Ads: IFA/IDFA allows advertisers to deliver more targeted ads to users, increasing the chances of success.
  • More Effective Ads: IFA/IDFA makes it easier to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign, allowing advertisers to optimize their campaigns for better performance.


IFA/IDFA is a powerful tool for advertisers and vendors to track customer behavior and deliver targeted ads. It offers more accurate tracking and more effective ads than other methods, making it an invaluable tool for businesses.References: