What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a popular programming language used to create interactive webpages. It is a scripting language, which means it can interpret and execute code that runs on a browser. JavaScript is usually embedded into HTML documents, so when a user visits a webpage, the JavaScript code will be executed and the resulting web page will be displayed.

What is JavaScript Used For?

JavaScript is used for a wide range of tasks, ranging from creating dynamic webpages to creating games. It can be used to:

  • Create interactive webpages
  • Validate user input
  • Create animations
  • Create games
  • Create mobile applications

JavaScript is also used to create web applications, such as online stores and content management systems.

Examples of JavaScript

Here are some examples of how JavaScript can be used to create interactive webpages:

  • Form Validation: This is used to make sure that a user has completed all required fields in a form before submitting it. It can also be used to check that the data entered is valid, such as checking that an email address is in the correct format.
  • Image Sliders: Image sliders are used to display multiple images on a webpage. JavaScript can be used to create a dynamic slider, which can transition from one image to another.
  • Drop-down Menus: JavaScript can be used to create a drop-down menu, which is a list of links that can be displayed when a user clicks on a button or link.
  • Interactive Maps: JavaScript can be used to create interactive maps, which can be used to show the location of a business or other places of interest.


JavaScript is an incredibly versatile scripting language, which can be used to create dynamic webpages and applications. It is the language of choice for many web developers, and the possibilities are limitless. For more information on JavaScript, visit the following websites: