Persistent cookie

What is a Persistent Cookie?

A persistent cookie, also known as a stored cookie, is a small piece of data stored on a user’s computer that helps websites remember information about them. This type of cookie is helpful for websites that require persistent logins, as they keep the user logged in even after they close the browser. Persistent cookies are also used to remember user preferences that help tailor the web experience to the user.

How do Persistent Cookies Work?

When a user visits a website, the website can send a cookie to the user’s computer. When the user visits the website again in the future, the website can read the cookie and use the information stored in it.

Examples of Persistent Cookies

Some examples of persistent cookies include:

  • Storing user preferences, such as language and font size

  • Storing user IDs, such as login names and passwords

  • Tracking user activity, such as page visits and website navigation

  • Storing items in a web shopping cart

  • Targeting ads to the user


Persistent cookies are an important tool used by websites to remember information about the user and tailor the web experience to them.

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