Server-initiated ad impression

What is Server-Initiated Ad Impression?

Server-initiated ad impression (SIAd) is a type of advertising technique used in mobile apps and websites. It is a method of delivering advertisements within an app or website, triggered by a server instead of a client. SIAd is different from traditional client-initiated ad impressions (CIAd) because CIAd impressions only appear when a user interacts with an advertisement, such as clicking a banner or video ad. On the other hand, SIAd impressions are triggered when a user’s device communicates with the server.

Advantages of Server-Initiated Ad Impression

There are several advantages to using server-initiated ad impression. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Higher fill rates: SIAd impressions can be delivered faster than CIAd impressions, leading to higher fill rates.
  • Greater control: SIAd impressions are triggered by the server, allowing for greater control over when impressions are delivered.
  • More accurate targeting: SIAd impressions can be targeted more accurately, allowing for more effective campaigns.

Examples of Server-Initiated Ad Impression

SIAd impressions can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

  • Interstitial ads: Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that appear after a user performs an action, such as clicking a link or completing a task.
  • Push notification ads: Push notification ads are small messages sent to a user’s device that can contain links to ads or advertisements.
  • Native ads: Native ads are advertisements that appear within the content of a website or app, such as within a news article or video.

Server-initiated ad impression is a powerful tool for delivering targeted ads to users. It can be used to increase fill rates and improve targeting, leading to more successful campaigns. For more information, please see: