What are Superstitials?

Superstitials are a type of online advertising that appears in the form of a full-page advertisement or banner. They are typically displayed for a few seconds before the user is redirected to the content they were trying to access. Superstitials are becoming increasingly popular as they allow advertisers to better engage with users and deliver more impactful messages.

Benefits of Superstitials

Superstitials offer a number of advantages to both advertisers and users. For advertisers, they provide an opportunity to get their message across quickly and effectively. The larger size of the ad also allows for more creative designs and animation, which can be used to grab the attention of users. For users, superstitials provide a brief moment of interruption that can be less intrusive than other forms of online advertising.

Examples of Superstitials

Superstitials can come in a variety of forms, including full-page ads, interstitial banners, and expandable ads. Here are some examples of superstitials:

  • Full-Page Ads: These ads appear as a full-page ad with no other content on the page. They are typically used for product launches, events, or campaigns.
  • Interstitial Banners: These are banners that appear at the top or bottom of a page, usually containing a call-to-action or other message.
  • Expandable Ads: These are ads that expand when a user clicks on them, giving more information or a more detailed message.


Superstitials are a great way for advertisers to reach users in a more engaging and impactful way. They offer a range of benefits to both advertisers and users and can be used in a variety of formats. With the rise of digital advertising, superstitials are sure to remain a popular choice for advertisers.