Non-qualifying page impressions

What are Non-Qualifying Page Impressions?

Advertisers pay for each impression of their ads. A non-qualifying page impression is an impression that does not get counted in the final count of impressions. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including ad blocking, invalid clicks, or the user’s browser or device not supporting the ad format.

Reasons Why Page Impressions May Be Non-Qualifying

  • Ad blocking: Some users have ad blockers installed on their devices which can prevent ads from appearing. In this case, no matter how many times an ad is served, it will not be counted.
  • Invalid clicks: If a user clicks on an ad multiple times, it is considered an invalid click and will not be counted. This is to prevent advertisers from being charged for clicks that are not legitimate.
  • Incompatible browser or device: If the user’s browser or device does not support the ad format, then it will not be counted.


Non-qualifying page impressions can have a significant impact on an advertiser’s campaigns, as they cannot be counted and will not be charged for. It is important for advertisers to be aware of the potential for non-qualifying page impressions and take steps to minimize them. Relevant Links: