Afskæring af indkøbscenter

Mall Intercept

Mall intercept is a market research technique where individuals are approached and surveyed in a shopping mall. This method is commonly used to gather feedback on products, services, or brands directly from consumers in a controlled environment.

During a mall intercept, researchers may approach shoppers and ask them to participate in a survey or interview. The researchers typically have a set of questions prepared in advance to gather specific information from participants. This method allows for real-time feedback and can provide valuable insights into consumer preferences and behaviors.

One advantage of mall intercepts is the ability to target specific demographics or shopper segments. Researchers can strategically position themselves in different areas of the mall to reach their desired audience. Additionally, participants are often incentivized to take part in the survey, such as receiving a discount or gift for their time.

Overall, mall intercepts can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to understand their target market and make informed decisions based on consumer feedback.

  • Example: A clothing retailer may conduct a mall intercept to gather feedback on a new line of products from shoppers in their target demographic.
  • Example: A restaurant chain may use mall intercepts to gauge interest in potential menu changes or new locations among mall visitors.

For more information on mall intercepts, you can visit Wikipedia.