What is Split-Run?

Split-run is a marketing technique used to tailor content for different audiences. It is a form of A/B testing, where a single publication is printed with two different versions, or splits, that are tailored to different target audiences. This allows the publisher to test which version of the content is more effective in reaching and engaging with those audiences.

How Does Split-Run Work?

Split-run works by dividing a publication’s readership into two groups and then sending a different version of the publication to each group. For example, a publication could send one version of a magazine to readers in the United States and a different version to readers in the United Kingdom. The different versions of the publication can contain different content, different advertisements, different promotions, or even different editorial styles. The publisher is then able to measure the effectiveness of each version and optimize their content to better reach their readers.

Examples of Split-Run

Split-run is used in many industries, from print magazines to digital advertising. Here are some examples of split-run in action:

  • A magazine publisher sends two versions of their magazine to readers, one with an article about cars and the other with an article about motorcycles.
  • An online retailer sends two versions of an email newsletter to customers, one with a promotion for men’s clothing and the other with a promotion for women’s clothing.
  • An advertising agency sends two versions of an ad campaign to different audiences, one with a message about the importance of sustainability and the other with a message about the importance of convenience.


Split-run is a powerful marketing technique that allows publishers and advertisers to tailor content to different audiences and optimize it for maximum effectiveness. By testing different versions of content, publishers and advertisers can gain valuable insight into which version of their content is more effective. For more information about split-run and other marketing techniques, check out these resources: