What is a Preemptable?

Preemptable is a new concept that has emerged in the tech industry to refer to a type of resource that can be temporarily taken away and later returned. This could be a computer server, a virtual machine, or even a certain amount of cloud storage. It is designed to help organizations better manage their resources and ensure that their most important tasks take precedence.

How Does Preemptable Work?

Preemptable works by allowing organizations to temporarily surrender a certain amount of their resources to another user, such as an application or service provider. This could be done in exchange for a reduction in the cost of the resource. As soon as the other user’s usage of the resource is finished, the organization can reclaim their resource, with no disruption to their service.

Examples of Preemptable

Preemptable can be used in various industries and scenarios. Here are some examples:

  • A business can use preemptable virtual machines to temporarily surrender computing power so that a complex task can be completed quickly.
  • A cloud storage provider can use preemptable storage to allow customers to temporarily use more space than they would normally pay for.
  • A software provider can use preemptable servers to temporarily run an application while they wait for more permanent resources to become available.


Preemptable is a useful concept that allows organizations to better manage their resources and prioritize their most important tasks. It is being increasingly adopted by businesses, cloud providers, and software providers. For more information about Preemptable and how it works, check out the following resources: